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Turn your head and cough! On or off duty these sexy nurses make sure you are sexually healthy. They grab hold of your ball and make sure everything is working properly. Open up and say, “Ahhh!”

Reel People is the first Pro-Am movie in the history of porn. Rated as one of the greatest 100 adult videos of all time, Reel People is a collector’s classics. Adult Video News says about Reel People: “You can never match the first time. Not only is Reel People the first pro-am production, it’s also the first pro-am shot on film!”

These girls have oral fixations they just can’t satisfy. Chewing gum doesn’t do the trick. And smoking cigarettes? Forget it—it’s bad for you and you can’t get the smell out of your clothes. But, smoking pole will satisfy all their needs. Not only can the quell their compulsion to always have something in their mouths, but they also get a protein-rich dose of man milk for their efforts. It the healthy choice for horny whores! 4 HOURS!

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